The Be Plus PRO Family is the latest generation of systems for the acquisition of brain activity or polygraphic signals and it is used for all the Neurodiagnostic studies, from Routine EEG/Video EEG to cEEG and LTM, from PSG/Video PSG to aEEG/CFM in newborn, from EEG in ICU/NICU to Research Applications (EP/Cognitive EP and EEG in combination with TMS).

The modern Neurodiagnostic always looks for amplifier with high technical specifications (especially in terms of sampling rate and bandwidth) and this is the reason why the Be Plus PRO is the real modern EEG amplifier. Thanks to its 32KHz of Sampling Rate and 24 bits A/D Converter, there is no more need to compromise with the signal acquisition quality. Its compact size and the availability of use of all kind of electrodes, allow the use of this amplifier in all the environments and hospital rooms.

Workstation Trolley

BE Plus Pro Workstation offers a robust and ergonomic isolated medical workstation trolley. Its control station consists of a PC Desk of the latest generation. It shows data and tracks on a large LCD Full HD monitor. This trolley allows the switching-on of all the components of the system through a single switch and it can be equipped with dedicated pole for support the Video EEG camera. The BE Plus Pro Workstation has been optimized for applications in which the operator is mainly seated, such as EEG, EP, PSG and LTM.

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